Search: Sql Server Sample Database Northwind. SQL for Data Analysis on Udemy Here is the DTS ActiveX Script Task VBScript code to import this file into SQL Server Northwind sample database dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server can save your time and effort spent on demo data generation by populating SQL Server tables with millions of rows of sample data. This completes instantiation of Odata model using Northwind Odata service. SAPUI5 OData model: How to consume Northwind OData service in SAPUI5 Application Configure Northwind Odata service in SAP WebIDE- Optional. Step 1 :Click on create new data source. SAPUI5 OData model: How to consume Northwind OData service in SAPUI5 Application . Step 2: Enter hana. Using the Sample Database. The sample database, SNOWFLAKE_SAMPLE_DATA, is identical to the databases that you create in your account, except that it is read-only. As such, the following operations are not allowed: No DDL can be. Step 3. Now in Visual Studio use the following connection string. "Data Source= (LocalDB)\\MSSQLLocalDB;DataBase=Northwind;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30". My sample application is a .NET Core Web Api. In startup.cs, add the following -. If you want to place the database files elsewhere in your filesystem, add an absolute filepath.

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